What should I do after an alarm has been triggered?

If an alarm has been triggered, you may need to reset the system - please note someone will need to do this at the property after an alarm: 


To reset: 

Present a valid tag or enter your PIN code.

The alarm symbol will flash indicating there has been an alarm activated, and the keypad will display where the alarm was triggered from.

Press 'No' to clear this message. If the Amber warning light then flashes, the alarm may then need a code to reset it. Please call the Banham ARC to carry out this procedure (Available 24/7)


Automatic re-arming

If the system has not been unset during the alarm activation, it will automatically re arm and is still set, therefore it will activate again if anything else happens.


Please note, any reset required for your alarm system must be carried out at the property at the alarm keypad and cannot be done remotely using the app.

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