My Banham alarm fault light is showing, what should I do?

Flashing triangle warning light

If you see the triangle warning light flashing, present a valid tag to the main keypad or enter your PIN. You will see a description of the cause, for example 'mains fail' (ie a power cut). 

Press 'no' twice. If the light stops flashing, then the issue has been resolved. In the example above, the issue was resolved as the power had been restored.


Setting the system

Depending on what the fault is, you may still be able to set the system, for example, if there is a low battery warning.

Present a valid tag or enter your PIN code, select the area and press 'yes'. The display might now show the issue, for example low battery.

Press yes, the display will now show "Set with fault". Press yes, and the system will start to set as usual.


If everything has been checked and all seems well, by pressing 'Yes' to 'Set with fault' may allow you to set the alarm omitting the faulty device. Please note that this means the device is NOT functioning. You will need to contact our Alarm service team to arrange for an engineer visit to rectify the problem. 


For monitored alarms that have been activated, there may be a message requesting an engineer restore. Make a note of the number you'll see displayed, and phone the ARC to get this reset. This is a 24hr service. 


If the alarm continues flashing and is unable to set, please contact our Technical support team. 

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