What is Keyholding and how does it work?

Catering for everyone, our keyholding service is designed to supply its subscribers with complete peace of mind. 

What is it?

Keyholding is essentially a means for you to have rapid access to your property at all times, no matter where you are. With our fleet of Key Guards available 24/7, whether you find yourself locked out or are worried that you have left your oven on, you can contact us and we will come to your aid.

How does it work?

First, we survey your property and collect a copy of your key/s. Your key/s are then sealed, coded and stored in our high-security facility where only SIA licensed staff are authorised to have access. From here, our keyguards are ready at any moment's notice to get to your property to investigate any issues or fulfil your needs.

You can find more information about our keyholding service here. To contact our Keyholding Department directly, fill out our contact here.


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